RZ-133 Neutron

Gamma Ray


Delta Epsilon has developed and patented a unique radiation survey monitor that represents a breakthrough in the high efficiency detection and rapid localization of sources of gamma and neutron emitting radiation.

  • Rapid survey of large areas from the sea, ground, or air. A seaborne instrument would have adequate sensitivity to preliminarily screen adjacent vessels without having to board them.
  • Gamma sensitivity is 50 times greater than for hand held instruments meeting the ANSI N-42.33 sensitivity standard. For example, MCNP modeling indicates a response of 7,000 cps. for a 1mCi Cs-137 source at 5 meters.
  • Gamma spectroscopy with readily available NaI is improved by potential for high precision spectra and large peak-to-Compton ratio.
  • 3-D gamma directional array provides azimuthal and vertical source direction.
  • Neutron sensitivity is about 14 times greater than the ANSI N42.34 and IAEA alarm standards for a hand held instrument. For example, response to fast neutrons is about 50 c/s for 1 ug Cf-252 at 5 meters. This sensitivity confers a significant neutron search capability.
  • Both neutron and gamma source direction with angular resolution of better than 10 degrees.

Delta Epsilon is interested in a possible collaborative effort with an appropriate partner or entity to undertake further development and commercialization of these instruments and their unique capabilities. Interested and qualified parties should contact us for further details.