Our most popular logger, this very compact, highly refined, versatile device is in use around the world. Its highly durable design, optimal size and ease of use make it truly unique among commercially available portable borehole loggers.

3A-300 Specifications


Motorized, Semi-automatic levlewind, Emergency hand crank, Disc Brake with uni-directional clutch 300M of Ø.10″ single conductor cable 54cm x 45cm x 52cm

(21.25″ x 17.75″ x 20.63″)


(75 Lbs)

External 12-14vdc @ 10A max (3A Nominal) Compatible with all probes except video
  • Runs geophysical logs in boreholes to depths of 400 meters using 0.1” single conductor armored logging cable.
  • Cable level winding is accomplished with a manually initiated device that works on the twist of the cable and not against tension as is the practice on competing winches. This greatly reduces the mechanical force, friction and operator intervention required to evenly spool cable.
  • Like other Delta Epsilon logging systems, the 3A-300 borehole logger also features a mechanical disc brake. In conjunction with an integral one way clutch, the brake ensures that the winch cannot reverse direction or creep backwards. The brake also ensures that probe descent is always controlled and the winch drum is secured and cannot rotate during transport.
  • The 3A-300 logging system is shock mounted in a compact and rugged MIL spec. case for transport and storage. Probes and the supplied field tripod with and integrated cable wiper are also carried in a durable Mil spec case.
  • The 3A-300 logger is self- contained with the winch assembly integrated with the uphole power supply, winch motor controller, backlit digital depth and speed indicators and USB compatible PC interface. The 3A-300 runs under the supplied DELogger software with data output stored in the LAS format.

Compact integrated design. Operates directly from 12Vdc source and does not require a generator or inverter. The 3A-300 borehole logger is driven by a powerful 12Vdc motor with a highly efficient planetary transmission.

Delta Epsilon portable loggers are available in three basic configurations. Each configuration is a unique, versatile platform optimized for its intended purpose.