600DL Portable Borehole Logger displayed in bottom half of a carrying case with the reel exposed on top.





The 600DL logging system is our highest performance portable logger with maximum depth capability and a number of significant operational features including a six hundred meter single conductor system.

The 600DL is self contained with an integrated design comprised of the winch assembly, winch motor controller, backlit digital depth and speed indicators, uphole power supply and USB compatible PC interface. This minimizes connecting cables and results in a more compact, cost effective borehole logger. This logging system runs under the supplied DELogger software and logging data output is stored in the LAS format.

600DL Specifications

600DL Rev 3

Motorized, Fully automatic levelwind, Disc Brake with uni-directional clutch 600M of Ø.125″ single conductor cable 65.4cm x 61.6cm x 32.9cm

(25.75″ x 24.25″ x 12.94″)


(66 Lbs)

External 12-14vdc @ 15A max (5A Nominal) Compatible with all probes except video

All systems are a compact integrated design, operate directly from a 12 Vdc. source and do not require a generator or inverter. Driven by a powerful 12Volt motor and efficient planetary transmission.

  • This system features an automatic cable level wind that typically spools the entire length of cable without requiring adjustments or other corrections. An intuitive level wind clutch and manual adjustment feature is incorporated for spooling corrections should they be required. Unlike competing systems, all critical mechanical elements are covered and protected from moisture, abrasive dirt and mud.
  • Mechanical Disc Brake and One Way Clutch. Common to all Delta Epsilon loggers but not found on competing systems, this unique feature ensures that the winch cannot creep backwards or inadvertently reverse direction. This arrangement also ensures that probe descent is always controlled, and that the winch drum is secured and cannot rotate during transport.
  •  All 600DL logging system is shock mounted in a compact, rugged MIL spec. case for transport and storage. All components are constructed entirely from aluminum, stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials. All appropriate surfaces are powdercoated or anodized.

Delta Epsilon portable loggers are available in three basic configurations. Each configuration is a unique, versatile platform optimized for its intended purpose.