Portable Borehole Loggers

 Precise, Portable,

Rugged, Versatile

Thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted, the Delta Epsilon family of portable borehole logging systems offers a combination of uncommon capability and ease of operation. With its unsurpassed combination of useful features, a Delta Epsilon borehole logger is a superior working tool for the earth scientist.

Every system features an integral data acquisition and uphole power unit. A PC computer serves as the operator interface, acquires and displays logs in real time and stores and plays back data using DELogger software supplied with each logger. For additional log editing and plotting, software such as ViewLog or WellCad may be appropriate and can be supplied through Delta Epsilon.

Computers are normally supplied by the purchaser, but DEI can provide a quote for an appropriate computer with DELogger software installed if desired.


  • Groundwater Exploration and Development
  • Environmental and Geotechnical Studies
  • Uranium and other Mineral Exploration and Evaluation
  • General Geologic Studies

Logging System Specifications


Completely self contained, Hand Cranked, Light weight, Disc Brake with uni-directional clutch 150M of Ø.10 Single conductor cable 35cm x 35cm x 38cm (13.8″ x 13.8″ x 14.8″)


(26 Lbs)

Internal, rechargeable, batteries or External 12-14vdc Compatible with all probes except video


Motorized, Semi-automatic levlewind, Emergency hand crank, Disc Brake with uni-directional clutch 300M of Ø.10″ single conductor cable 54cm x 45cm x 52cm

(21.25″ x 17.75″ x 20.63″)


(75 Lbs)

External 12-14vdc @ 10A max (3A Nominal) Compatible with all probes except video


Motorized, Fully automatic levelwind, Disc Brake with uni-directional clutch 600M of Ø.125″ single conductor cable 65.4cm x 61.6cm x 32.9cm

(25.75″ x 24.25″ x 12.94″)


(66 Lbs)

External 12-14vdc @ 15A max (5A Nominal) Compatible with all probes except video

Delta Epsilon portable loggers are available in three basic configurations. Each configuration is a unique, versatile platform optimized for its intended purpose.