Delta Epsilon is proud to offer an unmatched line of Portable Borehole Logging Systems. They are in daily use around the world literally from Armenia to Zambia. They are successfully used in a variety of challenging circumstances for groundwater exploration and water well development, in addition to environmental, geotechnical and natural resources applications.

Operating for nearly two decades as Delta Epsilon Instruments…

We are descendants of the founders as well as being former long time employees and owners of Mt.Sopris Instruments. We bring unmatched experience and dedication to the process of making portable borehole logging systems.

Beyond the inevitable demands and often hard earned rewards any venture brings, we derive enormous satisfaction from the collegial relationships we have established with many of our customers in disparate parts of the world. Part of our motivation derives from knowing our products both work well and that our efforts tangibly serve to make the lives of people better.

Each model Delta Epsilon borehole logging system reflects a distinct clarity of purpose, experienced intelligent engineering, and a passion for excellence. Each model offers an intuitive ease of operation and handling, robustness, and a comprehensive logging capability. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted, the Delta Epsilon family of portable borehole loggers offers a combination of uncommon capability and useful features.

Precise, Portable, Rugged, and Versatile…

Delta Epsilon borehole logging systems reflect an uncommon attention to detail from the transport cases they are mounted in to the fit, finish and function of every part of the logging system. This total system approach results in a line of functionally superb, unusually capable geophysical well logging systems. A careful comparison of any Delta Epsilon logger with any competing system is encouraged.