The SC-133 scintillometers feature a contemporary state of the art approach, while incorporating many well proven design elements that just make a great deal of sense in a field worthy scintillometer.

  • High Sensitivity with large 1.75” x 2. 65” NaI crystal (6.4 cu. in.) 104.4 cc. This matches or exceeds any instrument in this market class. Supports even larger external detectors if desired.
  • Instrument operating time of at least 100 hours from two D cell batteries in convenient carrying handle. This is at least 10X longer than battery life of some competing instruments. Battery level is easily monitored and batteries are easily changed without opening the instrument and exposing it to the elements.
  • Simultaneous digital display of both CPS and dose in uRem.
  • Output is dead-time corrected and provides linear output to 100,000cps.
  • Adjustable AUDIO threshold with pitch propotional to radiation intensity. Provides an intuitive, eyes free, indicator of radiation levels.
  • If desired, non slip shoulder carrying strap may be used which allows hands free operation for climbing, taking notes, using a rock hammer, collecting samples etc.
  • Full weather protection for use in any climate. All exterior surfaces either hard anodized aluminum machined from solid stock or high impact resistance polycarbonate plastic.
  • No radioactive sources are required for calibration or proper operation
  • Light weight, 2.2Kg (4.9Lb)) including two D cell batteries.
  • Does not require an additional “protective boot” as some competing instruments do for adequate ruggedness and for the optional use of a shoulder strap.
  • The SC-133 supports a variety of optional external detectors that enhance the versatility of the instrument. These advantages include being able to flexibly place a detector closer to the area of interest. This greatly increases the probability of making a critical detection because of the ability to survey areas that would otherwise be very difficult or inaccessible.

The Delta Epsilon SC-133 Portable Scintillation Counter represents a functionally superior concept for a hand held gamma radiation detection device. Its rugged practical design, simple operation and high sensitivity make it well suited for uranium exploration applications as well as environmental monitoring and health physics dosimetry.